1. Jan Moss

    Hi, I tried to join the zoom meeting, but think it was too late for church. Thanks for doing this, Jan (Mickey & Bob McKitrick’s daughter)

    • OHUMC

      You’re quite welcome. I can’t tell you if there was a cutoff but I know the pastor waited until 10:35 before starting the service.
      We’ll do this again next week! Be blessed.

    • Patricia Isaacs

      Jan I hope you opted for the phone once you couldn’t get thru on zoom. Just remember to go on mute as soon as you join.

    • OHUMC

      Ygenia, sorry that happened for you. There won’t be anything to log in for on Thursday so you’ll get the ‘waiting for host’ screen from Zoom. Right now, we’re “Zooming” for Sunday morning worship (10:30) and Tuesday evening Bible Study (6:30). If you can try your log-in at about 10:25 this Sunday, you should find the room open.

      Be blessed and be safe!

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