May 2018 events

Three Sundays left in May — and the spirit of Christian love, thankfulness, forgiveness and praise will flow through and from our corner of Zion at Bock and Livingston roads.

On May 13, it’s Mother’s Day and the celebration of the Christian Home. All ‘moms’ will be greeted with a gift from the youth. The men of the church will provide a special anthem and then we’ll gather downstairs for a simple brunch to keep Mom’s day as task-free as possible!

May 20 is PENTECOST — the ‘birthday’ of the Christian church! Catch the fire of the Holy Spirit, which caused those who first experienced it to realize they were in the presence of something more powerful than their wildest imaginations. That fire burns within us each and every day!

May 27 is part of Memorial Day Weekend, where we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great country. We’ll be there in our patriotic best, we invite you to join us.

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